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Rep. John Price (right) is a new welcome guest on our news service - Guest columns from our legislators is a honor for us and we print them for your benefit. We do this with pride and the American Spirit
The Crier will host multiple columns & documents by State representative Price. 
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Rep. Price appointed Vice Chair of Interim Study Committee on Government

A special guest column from state representative John Price


Published edited

By Allen Watts – July 2015



    State Representative John Price (R-Greenwood) has been appointed as Vice Chair of the Interim Study Committee on Government. Rep. Price was also appointed to the Commission for a Drug Free Indiana and the Military Base Planning Council.


   “Interim study committees give legislators the opportunity to take a more in-depth look at some of the issues that we faced during the legislative session,” said Rep. Price. “I am eager to hear testimony from industry experts and Hoosiers from across the state to ensure that the strongest legislation will be presented in the coming session.”


   After each legislative session adjourns, members of the General Assembly continue their work throughout the summer months by serving on interim study committees. Members of each committee are tasked with discussing, debating and conducting in-depth review of the topics assigned to their committees. Additionally, committee members receive public testimony and are able to work out the specifics of potential legislation before it is introduced in the upcoming legislative session.


  In June, the Legislative Council met and determined the topics that will be studied this interim. Some of those topics include redistricting reform, public health and Indiana’s agricultural industry to list a few. Most interim committees will start meeting in July with a majority of their work concluded by the end of October. For a complete list of interim study committees topics, please visit


   “As chairman of the Local Government Committee during session, I look forward to continuing our conversations throughout the summer and keeping the best interest of Indiana’s local cities and towns at the forefront of my decisions,” said Rep. Price. “My goal is to study initiatives that will benefit all Hoosiers by continuing to prioritize government efficiency.”


    To see a complete list of the assigned committees and member appointments, please see the attached document or visit


Rep. John Price (R-Greenwood) represents portions of Johnson and Morgan Counties. He serves as Chairman of the Local Government Committee and a member of the Financial Institutions and Veterans Affairs and Public Safety Committees.