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We are centrally located in Johnson County
 in Franklin, Indiana to better serve everyone
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A Reporting service on local Government issues
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The Johnson County Crier (JcCrier.com) is the absolute best digital news service in Johnson County. Serving over ¼ million per month we publish only the truth. That reader base has helped us grow into one of the most trusted and read news services in Indiana.

  Mid-year in 2011 we merged our news services into one enormous service to better serve the community. Merging into what is now the largest digital news in Johnson County.

  The JcCrier is now the new “combined name” of All of our service sites;

    The Franklin Crier & The Greenwood Crier, are the finest news service for Greenwood, Whiteland & Franklin's "Newspaper" &premier News & Digital eNews Site & Electronic Magazine (without the Paper Waste or contamination)

    We always welcome your input. As we are a viable part of Greenwood, Whiteland & Franklin, and the entire Johnson County community, we work hard to report with accuracy & the truth about the government. We cover things a lot of citizens don't know or understand what's going on!

    We began this site with (3) partners and the intent on promoting a more positive and truthful Greenwood, Whiteland & Franklin about local government. Two of our previous owners have since left.

   Today we are owned by three partners, Allen Watts who took a great deal of his savings to buy out the two original partners, he is also a long time Greenwood resident of nearly thirty years. And a Silent partner who remains silent because of local government employment, "John Doe" who bought a partnership, January 5th 2008, with the contracts completed February 25th 2008, making him a full partnership with Allen. He will be a "silent" partner due to the orientation of his other job as a un-named area city government employee. “This will avoid controversy, retaliation and ramifications from his boss”, he says.

   Don Lee joined us around 2009 and is our newest addition to our Group. He has degrees from IUPUI in business, computer science and journalism.

    While our resources are limited we produce some of the best stories in the area. We will continue to promote this positive of Greenwood and bring you all that we can. We look at the truth and "the other side of the coin.

   We are not controlled by Greenwood, Whiteland or Franklin's administration and receive no compensation. We can therefore report the truth without worry of retaliation from its leaders.

    Many of our stories have been Shared & published in other local newspapers and are professional  articles.


   We welcome your input and any news you wish to offer.


   We strive to bring local government news that you should know,

   We report what your local government is doing and make every attempt to keep government transparent for your right to know. We do not ever print false stories and we take great pride in reporting only the truth to you.

    We are not government police, what we do is simply make certain, that whatever the government is doing, You are fully informed and not given twisted information that can deceive the public.

    We correct any untruths opened by government and correct misleading stories on issues.


   We invite your letters and input as you are a valuable part of us. We are growing since our inception in 2004-2005, and as of October 2007 we service as much as 475,000 visitors that month. That’s over a quarter of a million, WOW !! With a city population of 47,000 that means a lot of people are reading often and returning to read the BEST news locally, and that we thank you !!

We offer
services Available
We offer
services Available
We offer
services Available